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Support our Walk for Hunger Team
Donate Food On May 1 - Stamp out Hunger

Stamp Out HungeR May 11, 2024

Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Is Coming May 11 

Leave a bag by your box

Each May the National Association of Letter Carriers has been proud to hold the Stamp Out Hunger donation drive, the nation’s largest one day donation drive. The morning of May 11- Leave a bag of non-perishable food (non-expired cans and boxes) by your mailbox and your letter carrier will do the rest.  We are so grateful for the event this year because we were low on food donations. If you missed the date, drop your donation in our box at 150 Chapel Street, behind Grace Episcopal Church.



  • Cereals: Cold (small 11-14 ounce sizes – Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats, Fruit Loops, Mini Wheats, Cheerios, etc. )

  • Canned Soups (Vegetable and Chicken types, Tomato, Mushroom, etc.)

  • Canned Vegetables (Peas, Corn, etc.)

  • Boxed Rice Mixes (Rice Pilaf, Near East, Rice a Roni, any store brand etc.)

  • White Rice (regular and instant – small sizes)

  • Boxed Pasta (ziti, penne, rigatoni, macaroni, shells, spaghetti, etc.)

  • Canned Beans (Black, Red, Chick, White, Baked, etc.)

  • Canned Fruit (Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail, Peaches, Pears, Mandarin Oranges, etc.)

  • Canned Beef Stew, Hash, Chili with Meat) 

  • Spaghetti Sauce (small 24 -25-ounce jars)


Walk for Hunger - May 5

Help the Norwood Food Pantry Walk Team

Feed Kids and Families

Inflation has caused massive amounts of food insecurity in all communities. Many families are living with the daily worry of being able to feed themselves and their children. Rising food prices are challenging many households- we need your help!


Always the first Sunday in May, Massachusetts residents come together to raise the issue of hunger and much needed funds to support solutions to hunger in Massachusetts.No one should go without a meal, yet Project Bread estimates that 1 in 5 households with children across the Commonwealth are facing hunger right now. With so many struggling during this challenging time, no one should worry about where their next meal will come from or if they'll able to feed their children. 

Will you join Captain Nick C and the Food Pantry Walk Team in an effort to help the unprecedented number of people who can't afford enough to eat due to inflation and rising food costs? Nick has created this fundraiser to provide much needed support to our neighbors facing food insecurity and hunger right now, and we are asking you to join in this cause. 

Donate Now and let's ensure kids and families have food on the table during this crisis and beyond! 

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