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Hosting a Food Drive

Let Us Help You Plan Your Food Drive

Running a food drive in a pandemic isn't easy. 

We are so grateful and thankful to all who have run food drives during COVID and now our warehouse is full.

Our challenge has been setting up table space for our Grab-n-Go bags! The tables that are used for our outdoor pantry now take up a good majority of the storage facility, which limits our ability to store our extra food (we normally have plenty of room). 

For those who are planning a Food Drive- we would love to partner with you on the non-perishable items we need, along with the timing of the drive and delivery of food. 


If you are interested in running a food drive, please contact our Donations Manager using the form below. She will give you information on the dates that work best, delivery times and our "most needed" non-perishable food items.

Contact Us to Set Up Your Drive
Select a month to run your drive:

For May- we are focusing on the Letter Carriers Drive. Look for more information on how and what to donate closer to May 13.

Thank you for reaching out. We will get back to you soon to discuss your food drive.

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