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Client Guidelines

Pantry Member Rules

Norwood Food Pantry – 150 Chapel Street – 781-291-3663


Clients can queue up in their vehicles, *DO NOT ARRIVE ON THE PROPERTY BEFORE 8:45 AM*

Clients may shop 2 times each month. We ask that you take only the food and supplies you need for your family.
All the people working at the pantry are volunteers. Please be patient.  If you have any questions or problems please ask to speak with the Pantry Director.

If you do not drive yourself, please make pick-up arrangements before arriving at the Pantry. The Pantry volunteers are not able to provide transportation for any client. This is a liability issue so please understand and respect our position.
Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the building. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE GROUNDS.

Please remember that we are guests of this church. We are not permitted in any area of the building other than the waiting area and the Pantry (and the Restrooms, if needed).

We regret that we do not have facilities for child care. If you bring your children, please supervise their behavior. Because there is often a lengthy wait, we suggest you bring coloring books and crayons or some other quiet activity to keep them entertained.

Children must sit beside you in the waiting area and may not run around or wander unsupervised.
While you shop, children may sit with a friend in the waiting area or there is a chair at the entrance to the shopping area. Children cannot walk through the shopping area due to safety concerns.

We ask that only one member per family enter the shopping area to allow clients to move more freely. We can take in only 3 clients at a time because of space constraints.

In an emergency, you may designate someone to shop for you. Send a note, including the name of the person, your name, phone number, and date and sign your name.

If you are unable to speak English, please bring a friend or family member who can translate for you.

IN CASE OF SEVERE INCLEMENT WEATHER, WE WILL HAVE PANTRY CANCELLATIONS ANNOUNCED on our voicemail at 781-291-3663 or on our website at or on our FaceBook page;

It is against the rules of the pantry and of the church for anyone to distribute religious or political materials of any sort in the buildings, parking lot or on the property. This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, clients, visitors and anyone having anything to do with any Food Pantry activity.

If you have questions or concerns at any time, please speak with the volunteer at the Reception Desk, the In-take Coordinator, or ask to speak to the Executive Director.

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