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Back To School- Prepping Lunches

With the new school year fast approaching, this can be a

great time to start thinking about school lunches! Here are

three tips to be mindful of and help you with packing school



Planning takes the most time out of prepping, but the more

you do it, the easier it will be. Start by thinking of what

everyone will eat for the week, see if you have any of the

ingredients already at home, and make a list for food

shopping. Be sure to stick to the list!


The easiest way to make sure you are safely preparing

food in your kitchen is by washing your hands frequently

and cleaning anything that comes in contact with the food.

Prep any food that will be ready-to-eat first like fruits,

vegetables, or deli meats and then prep foods that need to

be cooked.


When packing the food, use an insulated lunch bag and

make sure there are two cold sources with the ready-to-eat

foods such as frozen water bottles or freezer packs. This

will ensure that the food will be kept safely cold (at 40

degrees Fahrenheit or below) until lunch time!

Courtesy of GBFB Nutritious Bytes

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