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Job Fair- Virtual and Interactive~

The MassHire: Massachusetts Virtual Job Fair is being held on an online platform, Premier Virtual, that allows job seekers to interact with employers through a visit to their virtual booth, instant message or video chat, view job openings and submit resumes.

The MassHire Job Fair is August 16-20 from 10am-2pm each day. The event is held online and job seekers are free to interact LIVE with potential employers.

The schedule changes day to day:

Monday, August 16 General Job Fair (all industries)

Tuesday, August 17 Manufacturing, Professional Services, Finance

Wednesday, August 18 Healthcare, Hospitality, Education

Thursday, August 19 General Job Fair (all industries)

Friday, August 20 Information Technology, Building Services, and others

Click the link below to see the informational flyer or go directly to the registration page.

Download PDF • 258KB

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